Triangle Green Cleaning—A Great Staff, Committed to Excellence and a Love Affair with Our Customers

Posted on September 16th, 2012 by Enovana Green Cleaning

Since our founding almost five years ago, I have found myself reflecting each summer on what has made Triangle Green Cleaning a special business here in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. While my ego might tell me every now and then that it’s my own leadership, I have an abiding sense that our success, in reality, comes from a couple of different sources.

You can really gauge the growth and sustainability of a company by two measures—through the employees and the customers. In these five years, we have built Triangle Green Cleaning around some of the most conscientious, hard-working, and friendly people you’ll meet in any industry, and I’d stake them against absolutely anybody in the residential cleaning space. They love the work they do and how they go about doing it, using products and methods that minimize negative impacts on the health and environments of our customers and the communities in the Triangle where they live.

And the rewards they gain from this work, besides the compensation and stability from their contributions to a growing, successful company, is the love and recognition for a job well done from our fantastic base of customers. This past week marked the announcement of another area award for our company, the Best of the Triangle Awards from the Independent Weekly of Durham.

The IndyWeek Awards has become a favorite of ours—it’s great to win, and it’s great to be recognized. In 2010, we took home the Best Green House Cleaning Service award, and in 2011, we took home the Best House Cleaning Service award after they modified the category. And while we may not have won this year, we remain humbled and motivated byIndyWeek readers naming us a finalist in the Best House Cleaning Service category.

These types of recognition, along with our 2008 Green Cleaner of the Month recognition from Seaside Naturals, a cleaning products supplier, are a testament to our will to improve how we go about our work each successive year. We like to think that we’re in a race to outdo ourselves each time—and now that we’re in year five, we’d like for our customers to think of us as Triangle Green Cleaning 5.0.

How do we improve on a business concept that’s one of the world’s older professions? First and foremost—we strive to do a great job and be the best cleaning company in the area. That’s defined as being thorough and fast. One client recently told me that we did just as good a job as a former cleaning company he had that he just loved, but that we did it faster. Much faster. In fact, when we followed up with him after his first cleaning, he said he’d never had people clean his house in less than three hours. Our Yaya and Anna knocked out his 2000 square foot house in less than two hours that first time, and trimmed off 15 minutes the second time!

And we’ll never forget the “green” in Triangle Green Cleaning—we are constantly experimenting with new, lower-impact products that are even friendlier to the environment, even manufacturing our own soaps these days. Also, a huge improvement through the years has been our deployment of high-MPG-rated Toyota Corollas to get our staff to our customers around the Triangle, not to mention the bags, made of recycled material, which they use to carry their soaps and equipment.

So, how can we best stay on a mindful, continuous path of improvement? Well, that depends on you, our customers, and the feedback you’re so kind to give. We want it all—good and bad—so we’ll keep doing more of the former and eliminate the latter. Our company page at Google Plus (formerly Google Places) is a great way to give us your feedback—it gives us that kind of ongoing guidance we need to make sure we’re doing our very best for you. Our page features nearly 30 reviews, and a perfect score on almost all of them—we really appreciate your commitment to us—not just the checks you write us, but the opportunity to provide our services in the ways you want them. And to the Derek Owen Fan Club—our general manager really appreciates the praise he gets on the Plus page, and he’ll be mailing all of you your checks soon!

For those among you who are avid Facebookers, there’s simply no better way to interact with us when the mood strikes you—we have a lot of fun on this page, so please be sure to visit and Like us to keep up with the coming Triangle Green Cleaning 6.0.