Client Spotlight: Triangle Green Cleaning

Posted on May 1st, 2012 by Enovana Green Cleaning

By James Forrest

There are some people in this world that have an uncanny ability to breathe life into what most of us experience as mundane. To say he is able to do this because he has a passion for what he does is both a cliché and an understatement in the case of Joe McCutcheon at Triangle Green Cleaning.

Residential cleaning services—not the oldest profession in the world, but certainly one of the older ones—is the business that this business dynamo decided to turn on its head. So many of these types of businesses are mom and pop outfits, run out of the home, and kept at a pretty small scale. This is no slight against the common template for this type of business, but Joe and the team at TGC have decided to take housecleaning to not just the next level, but several levels above.

In just five short years, Triangle Green Cleaning has gone from unknown startup to one of the more successful and celebrated companies in its industry. Founded in 2007, the company is cleaning hundreds of Triangle homes weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. You may have seen one of their high-MPG Toyota Corollas, all logoed up with TGC branding, in your neighborhood recently.

We recently sat down with Joe to talk to him about what has made his company so successful in such a short amount of time. First, he was quick to give credit to his employees and his customers. He has a core group of employees that bring quite a bit of skill, experience, and loyalty to work each and every day. His general manager, Derek Owen, maintains operational excellence for the company, so that Joe can work his creative magic to keep improving the company year after year. Joe also let us know that he has been blessed with a group of employees that have been incredibly loyal through the last few years, as they have built the business together, and that customers have remained loyal to his people.

Speaking of his customers, Joe said that they have been an equally great engine for success in many ways. “I have a very conscientious group of customers. They have really looked out for us, and we’ve benefited so much and built so many new friendships and business relationships from their word of mouth. And the best thing is, they aren’t just loyal in private conversations—they shout it from the mountain top in places like our Facebook page and the Independent Weekly. Getting voted best housecleaning service the last two years has been the source of exponential growth, and that’s not something I can make happen from sales and marketing—it’s pure love from our customers, and we love them back!”

But let’s give Joe and the leadership team at TGC a little credit—this is clearly a company that wants to be a disruptive, innovative force in the cleaning business. While many of their clients just want their houses cleaned and cleaned well, Joe is really living out the green part of the equation in his business. His commitment to the environment is multi-fold, from the fleet of cars the company must maintain to the cleaning products they use. Triangle Green Cleaning utilizes natural products, like baking soda and vinegar, in addition to making its own Castile soaps in-house.

I can’t think of a better example, really, of the synergy that can happen around a great idea when entrepreneurs, employees, and customers are all excited about a concept like Triangle Green Cleaning. Joe and his team burn with a creative fire that goes way beyond passion, and I am proud to call this company a client.

~This article was written by James Forrest of The Forrest Firm.