Our All Natural Cleaners Are Safe For Your Kitchen

Kitchens require a lot of time to ensure they’re satisfactorily cleaned. Enovana Green Cleaning of Raleigh has professional cleaners that know exactly what needs to be done and how to properly do it. Let our team get your kitchen to sparkle like it hasn’t done for years!

When cleaning a kitchen, it’s important to make sure cleaners do not come in contact with food or dishware. This can make getting a kitchen as clean as it needs to be difficult! With Enovana green cleaning products, you can stop worrying that the cleaner used to wipe down your counters is contaminating your food, dishes, or utensils with chemicals. Our all natural cleaners are safe for your food and your health.

Raleigh Kitchen Cleaning Service

In the kitchen, we’ll make sure that the sink basin has been completely cleaned and wiped down. All counters will be cleaned of dirt and grime. We’ll clean up the stovetop and the inside of the microwave. The exterior of all your appliances will also be wiped clean. Floors will be cleaned, trash will be removed, and the baseboards, window sills and door frames will be dusted.

Our Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  • Sink basin has been cleaned and wiped.
  • Counters have been cleaned and wiped.
  • Stovetop has been cleaned.
  • Inside of microwave has been cleaned.
  • Exterior of refrigerator has been wiped.
  • Exterior of dishwasher has been wiped.
  • Kitchen cabinets have been wiped (exterior only).
  • Kitchen light fixtures have been dusted (where possible).
  • Trash has been collected (any trash cans kept inside cabinets should be left out before the cleaning).
  • Baseboards, shelves, window sills, doors and door frames have been dusted (where possible).
  • Floor has been vacuumed and mopped.

Our safe, natural cleaners are designed to cut grease, and eliminate dirt and germs, all without using the harsh chemicals found in so many cleaners available. Trust your kitchen to our experts. You’ll be glad you did!