Triangle Green Cleaning—Cleaning for a Reason

Posted on October 16th, 2012 by Enovana Green Cleaning

Joe McCutcheon and the team at Triangle Green Cleaning are passionate about their business. The company, based in north Raleigh, serves over 600 families in the Triangle area, from Knightdale to Carrboro, providing residential cleaning with a green twist.

Cleaning for a Reason

Triangle Green Cleaning’s 17 employees use all-natural, eco-friendly products, many manufactured in-house, to run a business that’s both sustainably profitable and sustainable for the planet.

About three years ago, McCutcheon ran across another can’t-miss opportunity for his teams to complement the company’s commitment to green cleaning with an even deeper, more serious mission that hits families everywhere. He discovered what has become a wonderful partner for his socially-conscious business to make an even bigger impact for families in the Triangle. That partner is Cleaning for a Reason.

Based in Lewisville, Texas, Cleaning for a Reason is a non-profit foundation with a singular focus—linking women suffering from various forms of cancer with local cleaning companies across North America, all of whom have expressed a willingness to help those in need. Since its founding in 2006, Cleaning for a Reason has matched nearly 12,000 women with companies like Triangle Green Cleaning, who have donated nearly $3 million in complimentary services.

The Cleaning for a Reason process is simple—patients and their families fill out an application form online at the foundation’s site, go through a friendly vetting process, and the foundation matches them with companies in their area with capacity to serve new customers with complimentary cleanings.

At any given time, a participating company like Triangle Green Cleaning will serve two to three families, and the company has agreed to clean the homes of cancer patients four times on a monthly basis. For McCutcheon and his team, the rewards of working with Cleaning for a Reason have been many and very special in nature.

“Working with cancer patients, donating complimentary cleanings through Cleaning for a Reason, is a labor of love for Triangle Green Cleaning,” stated McCutcheon. “Cancer is something that affects all of us—if you think about it, practically everyone you know is affected in some way. We all have friends and family members who have suffered from different cancers. The people we’ve met and served through this great foundation have become our friends and like a family to us as well, as they’ve shared their stories along the way.”

McCutcheon has observed that his employees, whom the company pays to provide the cleaning services free of charge to the customers, feel honored to go into these homes and perform much-needed work. “I’ve had my employees tell me how special it is to go into these homes, where people are dealing with the pain of the disease and the effects of toxic treatments. Many times, they have told me that it’s such an honor to go in and give these people one more reason to rest and heal properly while they do the work. So many times, people suffering from cancer either wear themselves out doing things like keeping their houses clean, or they simply have to give up on it and live in a messy situation that detracts from their health and well-being at a very critical time.”

The fact that 16 of Triangle Green Cleaning’s 17 cleaning employees are women is a fact that is never lost on McCutcheon, especially in light of his company’s commitment to Cleaning for a Reason. “Perhaps the most special aspect to this relationship with Cleaning for a Reason and the patients themselves is the fact that with Triangle Green Cleaning, it’s women helping women. People often talk about concepts like the ‘brotherhood of mankind,’ and I can tell you that the sisterhood among women is very real. The women of Triangle Green Cleaning put their hearts and souls into this work. They work hard for every customer, but with these endeavors there’s that little extra spark of motivation, as they know they are part of something much larger than this company and its work. This gives my employees a huge sense of satisfaction, knowing they’ve helped other women when they need it most.”

Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Triangle Green Cleaning will be using its Facebook page andTwitter account @trianglegreen to promote Cleaning for a Reason, other cancer-related charities, as well as deliver educational facts about the illness to aid in prevention efforts.

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