Common Areas

We Clean Your Living Spaces With Your Comfort In Mind

Common areas such as your bedroom, living room, dining room, and family room are some of the highest traffic areas in your home. They are also a place where you and your family should be able to sit down and relax. Enovana of Raleigh keeps your comfort in mind when cleaning these rooms, and offers the services you need to stay stress free!

House Cleaning in Raleigh

Our professional cleaners make sure your common areas are dust free and tidy, so you can come home, kick back, and relax. We only use our natural green cleaning products, which are free from harsh chemicals and additives. The natural ingredients are powerful, leaving your common areas shining like new after each clean.

Enovana of Raleigh’s cleaners ensure that everything is dust free, from your furniture to the window sills. Accessible ceiling fans and light fixtures will also be dusted. Floors will be vacuumed and/or mopped, and any trash will be collected. You’ll never have to worry about coming home and touching up what was done. We have your entire space covered.

Our Cleaning Checklist

  • Furniture has been dusted.
  • Baseboards, shelves, window sills, window frames, doors and door frames have been dusted (where possible).
  • Accessible ceiling fans have been dusted.
  • Cobwebs have been removed as much as possible.
  • Light bulbs and light fixtures have been dusted where possible.
  • Trash has been collected (any trash cans kept inside cabinets should be left out before the cleaning).
  • Floors have been vacuumed and damp mopped.
  • Hanging lights have been dusted where possible.

Attention to detail is vital when it comes to cleaning the common areas in your home. Rest assured that our cleaners at Enovana of Raleigh will leave your rooms exactly how you want them. Contact us today to feel what it’s like to spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing!