We’ll Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

Whether you live alone, or have a large family, keeping the bathroom clean is a time consuming job. As part of our routine cleaning services, we’ll tackle the bathrooms for you. You’ll enjoy a clean, comfortable space without using the elbow grease needed to get it there!

Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, we won’t miss a beat. Our professionals will ensure the floors are cleaned and mopped. Toilets will be wiped down and scrubbed to look brand new. Counters, sinks, and mirrors will be spotless and we’ll even get the light fixtures for you! Trash cans will be emptied, as well as the commonly missed areas such as baseboards, doors and door frames.

When cleaning the bathroom, as with all cleaning by Enovana team members, we’ll use only our green cleaning products. With natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals or unnecessary additives, our green cleaners are as effective as the industrial stuff. We utilize vinegar, essential oils, and baking soda in our cleaning products to get each bathroom as clean as possible.

Our Cleaning Checklist

  • Showers have been scrubbed and rinsed.
  • Shower doors have been cleaned.
  • Sink basins have been cleaned and wiped.
  • Sink counters have been cleaned and wiped.
  • Mirrors have been cleaned.
  • Floors have been vacuumed and damp mopped/wiped.
  • Toilets have been cleaned and scrubbed.
  • Bathroom cabinets have been wiped (exterior only).
  • Bathroom light fixtures have been dusted (where possible).
  • Trash has been collected (any trash cans kept inside cabinets should be left out before the cleaning).
  • Baseboards, shelves, window sills, doors and door frames have been dusted (where possible).
  • Floors have been vacuumed and damp mopped/wiped.


Bathrooms can speak volumes about the home they’re found in. Don’t let yours speak negatively! Let Enovana Green Cleaning take care of the bathrooms in your home, creating a comfortable, clean space for you and your family.