There’s Something About Durham

Posted on March 2nd, 2016 by Enovana Green Cleaning

Lots of people know us at Triangle Green Cleaning as “Raleigh people,” perhaps because we’re based here in the Oak City. And while we love our hometown, we take a certain satisfaction from being the people’s choice across the area encompassing Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and tons of surrounding communities, staying true to our name of Triangle Green Cleaning.

But there’s something about that big town in the middle of the Triangle, the city of Durham. The Bull City has been very good to us, and we try to be very good for the people of Durham. As we’ve built our business, we always had a goal of appealing to and doing business with people outside of Raleigh, and going to Durham every day in our cleaning travels has been central to that strategy.

Thanks to almost perennial recognition from the readers of the Independent Weekly (a Durham-based publication, no less), many people now think of us as the premier cleaning company in Durham County. And don’t ever think that we take that recognition for granted—it constantly humbles us and inspires us to do better and win it all over again!
People in Durham, like their Raleigh neighbors, are very generous in spirit. Our cleaners tell us constantly how appreciated they feel in their travels to all parts of the city, and we get great feedback from our customers there as well. It’s a testament to the values of people in Durham that they not only appreciate a cleaning job that’s well done, but also really prize the sustainability component of our business. As residents of the City of Medicine, they have no trouble ascertaining the long-term health and wellness benefits of using all-natural cleaning products in their homes.

We can’t leave out the business community there, either. Business owners in Durham are a unique bunch, especially for a larger city of nearly a quarter million in population. The business community in Durham is just that—a community. There’s a sense that any time you talk to a fellow business owner there, they are rooting for you to succeed. The community ethic seems to be a combination of “we’re all in this together” and “a high tide lifts all boats.” Business owners seem to really recognize—and not take for granted—that Durham and the Triangle are special places to work and live.

Durham, for us at Triangle Green Cleaning, has a palpable sense of the positive, whether it’s living or working there. That’s why we can’t help but have smiles on our faces as we head their each day on our cleaning routes.

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