Triangle Green Cleaning: Great Employees Make the Difference

Posted on June 27th, 2015 by Enovana Green Cleaning

People have a lot of choices when it comes to how they spend their money, and choosing where to spend their cleaning dollars—or choosing to not spend at all and do it themselves—is no different. So it’s up to us, as it is with all businesses, to be mindful of how we deliver value to our customers.

Of course, some of those ways are rather obvious, like the one in our name. We’ve talked about our commitment to green cleaning, using methods and cleaning agents that are all-natural and healthy, to promote the environment and the health and wellness of our customers. We also try to be very responsive from a customer service standpoint, through phone, email, and website, and take payments electronically.

These are all really great difference-makers, but we find for many people, based on the feedback we get routinely from our customers, nothing compares to the human element of our business—our employees. There’s nothing like having the same people, week after week, month after month, year after year, coming back as invited guests to clean your home. Our cleaners get to know their customer families, see them go through life events, both good and bad, and share many things with them.

So we’ve realized through the years that one of our key missions must be to retain our great people. Retaining strong employees starts with compensation, which we address on an ongoing basis, to remain better than any company in our sector in this area. But it certainly doesn’t end there. We want to share with you a few measures we’ve taken to make sure that our people receive the special treatment they give to our customers.

Most of our customers would be shocked to know that a cleaning company offers paid vacation. But we do this and do it proudly at Triangle Green Cleaning. After one year, our employees receive a full week of paid vacation, and they earn an additional week with each subsequent year of service. We think this level of vacation time places them on par not with other cleaning companies, but with the professionals that we and their customers perceive them to be.

We are also trying as many perks as possible—things that are both fun and aid people in their personal lives and professional development. For example, we are building what we call an “employee resource center” in our office. This center will include a place where our people can not only relax in their off time, but also take advantage of an office computer with internet and printer to meet their personal needs. We’re also looking at contracting with a local instructor that specializes in teaching of English as a second language, as well as Spanish, to promote bilingualism among our employees that span many cultural backgrounds.

In addition to these perks, we will continue to celebrate the success and recognition that our employees bring to the company, such as our continued honors in the annual survey of Independent Weekly readers across Wake, Durham, Orange, and Chatham counties. Our company enjoys bringing this recognition back to our deserving employees through special lunches and ceremonies to honor their tireless work.

Triangle Green Cleaning will continue to seek new and better ways to compensate and inspire its employees in the months and years to come. It’s great for our employees, and it’s great for our customers. Our people can build a career here, often even making more money and having greater benefits than if they were self-employed in this line of work, and our customers, in turn, can count on building a relationship with reliable people providing great service.

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